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Hey, this is an awesome game! I wanted to ask, which font did you use for this?

Hi VexPol, thanks for playing! This is a custom ASCII font made for Stone Story RPG. Created by me and @chriswearly

brings me back to playing nethack with a mix of the sims


Strangely hypnotic.


Had fun playing this! On my first play through I built it in 26 days, so it might be a bit simple (since it is a jam game this is fine), but the color changing ascii art is very successful and the day/night gameplay cycle has a really nice tempo to it.

(Really looking forward to Stone Story RPG btw!)

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Great result. Thanks for playing!

Really impressive, but is unity too heavy-weight for this?

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It's a trade off. Unity has overhead but you can easily publish to any platform. That said, the file size for Pyramid Builder could be much smaller if I spent the time pruning. This game was done in 3 days!

Beat it in 24 days! Don't think I'll ever top that :D