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Guide workers through Farming, Unloading cargo and Pushing gigantic stones to build a mighty Pyramid, in pure ASCII delight!

Pyramid Builder is a God simulation game where you grow a civilization, strengthen your delivery fleet and bask in the awesomeness of an innovative art style.

Can you complete the Pyramid in less than 30 days?

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(77 total ratings)
Tags2D, ascii, City Builder, god, Idle, Isometric, Ludum Dare 36, Minimalist, Retro, Text based
LinksLudum Dare


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This is a very nice text based game, i enjoyed it however i would love to see more additions to the game as the 3 upgrades available get pretty stale pretty quick, overall the game is nice and has a very stupefying atmosphere id say. i would love to see a remake but with more upgrades, perhaps even more worlds. i like it :)


Playing this brought a smile to my face. Simple and very charming!

i very liked that game and also the style and i wanna another similar game that would be pretty cool

I completed it!

It's quite fun just building house, farm and upgrading the Ship. Plus, adjustable speed.

Thanks for making this game :D

pyramid builder - linux

10/10 the best ASCII game i ever played


10/10 Perfect console game!


How do you created it? This is so cool!

Really cool game! cant wait for the dev to pick it up again :D


cool game i finess the game

Good game.

Very nice game! I love the art style, but on my monitor (2560 x 1080) it was quite small and hard to actually see. Some options to enlarge the game window would be great.



Can we get a 64-bit macOS version 👀


Very nice and short game.


i played it and i liked it :D :) very good btw


Artstyle and sound are soooo amazing. Love it.


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Thank you for making it, it's a art game, I like those cute guys (the pyramid builders) they are looking realistic like a real peoble they are looking cute, Great and fun Game!!


Great game!! looking nice


this is way too cool

I would like to hear more about development. How did you do this. Great work!

Right now I'm actively working on Stone Story RPG and post about the process in my Discord server. I've decided to pick up Pyramid Builder into a full game after I'm done with current one. http://StoneStoryRPG.com/Discord

Cute, I like it, even though the only gameplay is making sure to build everything as close together as possible.


Thanks for playing. I've decided to pick up this project and make a full game after I'm done with Stone Story RPG. Should be really interesting to work on.


You should add some enemies to the game, like raiders trying to steal your food, kill your people, and vandalize your pyramid. I think that would give a decent challenge to where the player has to train warriors to defend and infiltrate raider camps to convert them to slaves (aka your population)

I feel that it would bring more of a challenge to the game and (possibly) improve it
I really enjoyed this game and i hope it grows in the future.

Keep pushing on!

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Thanks for playing and for the ideas. I've decided to pick up this project and make a full game after I'm done with Stone Story RPG. Should be really interesting to work on.

Only watched video

I really like the art design, but it doesn't look like there's much to do other than "build in this order or better by x time". Even one choice of "you can build farms for low income easily, or you can process the grain for high income that must be balanced with farms" would make this a lot more interesting.

I like the idea of processing the grain. Thanks. This game was made in about 60 hours. I've decided to pick up the project and do a full game after I'm done with Stone Story RPG.

Amazing Game! What engine was used to make it?


Unity3D in C#.
It leverages my Stone Story RPG input/output systems.

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Hi VexPol, thanks for playing! This is a custom ASCII font made for Stone Story RPG. Created by me and @chriswearly

brings me back to playing nethack with a mix of the sims


Strangely hypnotic.


Had fun playing this! On my first play through I built it in 26 days, so it might be a bit simple (since it is a jam game this is fine), but the color changing ascii art is very successful and the day/night gameplay cycle has a really nice tempo to it.

(Really looking forward to Stone Story RPG btw!)

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Great result. Thanks for playing!

Really impressive, but is unity too heavy-weight for this?

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It's a trade off. Unity has overhead but you can easily publish to any platform. That said, the file size for Pyramid Builder could be much smaller if I spent the time pruning. This game was done in 3 days!

Beat it in 24 days! Don't think I'll ever top that :D